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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It was in early May when I purchased my first Sony DSLR A380-Y and my passion for photography started to blossom after I had my lovely Sony. While I am a new in photography world but it is not the problem to get a nice shoot. Passion is the key word to my work that I have done. Once I see a nice view I knew that the time I must capture and that moment and I try to get the perfect shot. Even I am using a basic “weapons” equipment but it is not the problem to take a nice shoot because like Steve Bloom said Photography is an art, not a science" Always remember that the camera is merely a tool, and no matter how good the technology, nothing can replace the art of seeing. Great photographs are made by learning technique and taking it to a point where it resides in the subconscious. After that feeling should dictate aesthetics. in other words, shoot from the heart. Photography is like music or poetry, and is best created with heightened feelings. Get excited - be emotional about the photographs you take and try to feel empathy with the subject. "

~Julfy JR

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