The Best Digital SLR of 2006

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Best Digital SLR of 2006

At the beginning of the year it looked like selecting the best digital SLR of 2006 was going to be a snap.

Around June there weren't all that many different camera models in the running and it didn't look like too many new cameras were going to be released before the end of the year.

Toward the end of 2006, the camera manufacturers changed all that.

By the time the year came to a close, 13 new consumer digital SLR cameras were released. This has made the task of selecting the best digital SLR of 2006 significantly harder.

But hey, I'll give it a shot.

Here's a quick list of all the digital SLRs released in 2006, so you know which cameras were in the running.


  • Olympus E-330
  • Canon 30D
  • Samsung GX-1S
  • Samsung GX-1L
  • Sony DSLR-A100
  • Pentax K100D
  • Nikon D80
  • Pentax K110D
  • Panasonic DMC-L1
  • Canon Rebel xTi
  • Pentax K10D
  • Nikon D40

And The Winner Is...

My pick for the best digital SLR of 2006 is the Sony ALPHA DSLR-A100.

This 10 megapixel digital SLR camera offers up a grab-bag of features that are really useful to amateur photographers and make it versatile to use under a wide range of lighting conditions.

One of the drawbacks to the camera is that it is the FIRST true digital SLR made by the Sony corporation, and it appears that there are still a few kinks to be worked out.

However, Sony plans many more ALPHA digital SLR cameras in the future, and the A100 is definitely a decent start.

Nikon D80

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