Making Ball of Light?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making Ball of Light? Ape ni? Xpernah cuba pun. Jom kita cuba!

Here’s how to sets it up:

You need set your camera with this manual setting..
shutter speed = 30″
aperture = 16 and above.. (higher the number more darker and detail)

that shape of light, i just fire the F42 by click test button. 1 for each “fire ball”(point the F42 to the camera), the 1 for the subject, so total is 3 times fire of the f42.

because my i don’t have external shutter release, so all of this must done within 30 sec (because of the shutter speed = 30″)

You can do it better using bulb mode but you must have external shutter release.

Copy dari: Blog Eimiza

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